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Do you also enjoy your coffee time with a journal? I love these special vibes, the moments just for myself, my thoughts, secrets, dreams, visions, plans, poems or anything I feel but can't say. This time feels so private, connected, no Judgement, just Freedom.

I love writing my thoughts down or even my to do list, reminders, interesting quotes, facts from people I met. I created these Art Journals with a beautiful front page so anyone who will own them will be always pleased to write their dreams, plans, visions, poems or anything that need tovbe said inside. 

These Journals are for all of you who love Fine Art things, for people who appreciate things personalised, artistic, handmade & love these unique vibes too. 

I made 3 designs inspired by my artwork series CENOTES - my travelling around Mexico. Available in Yellow, Blue and Pink design. Suitable for an artist's journal, scrapbook, travel journal, diary, writing book, or bullet journal.

A fantastic original gift for Christmas too!

  • Pages can have wood look (Yellow journal pics)
  • 96 sheets writing journal
  • Material: Beige paper, polyurethane (cover) and polyester
  • Dimensions/Size: 20cm (H) x 14cm (W) x 1.2cm (D)


Shipping worldwide ✈️ DM me bellow for more INFO and ORDER

All Art Love sending back to you                                                                                                          Natasha Art

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