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Sem vložte podnadpis

I love enjoying a coffee time with my journal. These special moments just for myself, my thoughts, secrets, dreams, visions, plans, positive quotes, reminders or to-do lists, poems or anything I feel but can't say - so private, no judgement, just freedom.

I created these Art Journals for people who love these unique vibes too & appreciate things personalised, artistic, handmade. 

I made 3 designs inspired by my artwork series CENOTES - my travelling around Mexico. Available in Yellow, Blue and Pink design. Suitable for an artist's journal, scrapbook, travel journal, diary, writing book, or bullet journal.

A fantastic gift made all the more special!

  • Pages can have wood look (Yellow journal pics)
  • 96 sheets writing journal
  • Material: Beige paper, polyurethane (cover) and polyester
  • Dimensions/Size: 20cm (H) x 14cm (W) x 1.2cm (D)


Shipping worldwide ✈️ DM me for more INFO

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