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More about Inner Blue collection

In 2017, Natalia moved to Australia, where she could pursue her love both of travel and of land, the endless inspiration of sand and stone, of colour and space, no moment identical to any other.

Her current work is inspired by the ocean, and by Australia's extraordinary coasts. Amongst the rocks, the sand and the vast oceans there is a hidden grace and elegance, superb in its uncompromising beauty. Reflected in her work you will find explorations of how the force of the ocean has shaped the land. From a technical standpoint, medium acrylics were used on canvas. 

Natalia has attempted to capture a bird's eye view of coastline pools, lands and waves. Her paintings voice the need to sometimes see things from above - including our own lives. For this collection, Natalia prefers using her hands over brushes, as she feels like she can connect in a more personal manner with the canvas. Every stroke is a new decision, one that no two artists would take in the same way, and Natalia's choices are informed as much by technical proficiency as by the expression of her heart and her artistic energy.

Natalia identifies with the fire element, and within this collection she delves into the water and the ground she seeks to make her at peace. Water has a profound meaning for Natalia, she feels it has a quenching and balancing effect on her fiery character and exploring it in her work in a certain way helps cleanse her spirit and find calm. We could say that an author who uses spiritual influence in conjunction with earth energies that works on multiple levels to assist us to grow on emotional and spiritual level too.



The magic of the extraordinary underground caves with an overhanging lianas and falling water called Cenote in Mexico has been my inspiration since my travels there in 2015. These paintings capture the magical - mystical feeling of being lost in another time & almost stepping into prehistory, with the giant tropical trees, wild cathedral walls leading up to shafts of sunlight. The Ancient Mayans had a strong connection with Cenotes and it is believed in the Mayan culture that the Cenotes were a portal to speak with Gods. Cenotes are the prettiest jewels of Yucatan Peninsula and even today, we can still see why Cenotes held the Mayans in awe. 

Lake Mungo - Healing Journey

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 113 cm x 93 cm

World Heritage Mungo National Park, home of the famous Mungo Lady and Mungo Man was Natasha Art's inspiration to create an artwork "Lake Mungo - Healing Journey". Lake Mungo is a place rich in Aboriginal history, where the oldest human remains in Australia were found. Mungo Man and Mungo Lady are the oldest known cremation in the world, representing the early emergence of humanity's spiritual beliefs. This extraordinary place is a great significance to the Ngyiampaa, Mutthi Mutthi and Southern Paakantyi people.

Natasha Art has created this artwork after the experience, working with aboriginal artists in Dreamtime Fine Art Gallery in Manly. Natasha Art then went on an art road trip, travelling by the campervan 1000 km from Sydney to explore and see the magic of this sacred place that used to be a lake and nowadays is a desert. Natasha Art has captured the erosion that has sculpted sand and clay into fragile yet imposing formations.                                                                   

Uluru - Visitors of celestial land

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, made by hands

Size: 76 cm x 76 cm

Uluru is sacred to the Pitjantjatjara, the Aboriginal people of the area, known as the Aṉangu. The area around the formation is home to an abundance of springs, waterholes, rock caves, and ancient paintings. Uluru is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rising from seemingly nowhere in the deep centre of Australia, Uluru is one of the world's great natural wonders.

Uluru has acquired its reputation because not only is it a unique landform, but also because of the effect the sun has on its colours and appearance. Sunrises and sunsets cause changes to its colour from browns through orange, reds to grey. Natasha Art has seen Uluru in different times and chose to capture the magical celestial sunset atmosphere that will always be imprinted in her memories.





Inspired by my travelling around 

Denmark and Czech Republic.

Painting by Natasha ART are this time instead of canvas, which has been for her main medium, produced on traditional Japanesse paper. This paper is made ​​by hand and it is preparation requires concentration and accuracy. 

The connection of colorful ideas on paper and link the author with another element as a wood. The exhibition portrays man's relationship to the tree as a symbol of nature, the power and fundamental substance.

Natasha would like to also establish the relationship of man to man as a symbol that people should not forget how the strongest personifies their existence and that is their humanity. 

Gold on Wooden plates


Artwork as a dream place. Reminding that moment of morning awakening. and that of our own awakening. 2015



Acrylic on canvas 

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic and metal 

On  tradition handmade Washi

Gold Framed




 Acrylic on canvas 

Latest artwork

Eternity Odessa

Even you are an eternal sheen. One day you are here and second, who knows. Think mindfully, create the best life, stay curious, try, try to find yourself, be yourself. For you and for all us.