Fragrance acrylic paints

Set of 7 colours 45 AUD or 28,60 EUR.

Primary colours Yellow, Blue, Red and Secondary - Purple, Orange and Green. One extra colour Pink as number 7 is a lucky number.

Each paint has an authentic fragrance that matches with the smell that evokes that particular colour. I created them in an awe of introducing a colourful world of art in my art therapy lesson to visually impaired children. These paints are suitable for anyone who loves art and things special and they're also a great art tool for the kids that are learning to recognize primary & secondary colours.

With the paints come a diagram that connects each colour with a sound of the music note. When a smell, colour and sound meets, the colours are not anymore just the colours. They are magical. We can hear them and smell them. Follow a diagram, recommend to play on the piano.

A lot of fun with exploring an art from a different view!

Your Natasha Art

45,00 €