Steel Tongue Drum

Brand new piece 14 Notes in Sky Blue, Gold, Mineral Green and Dark Blue

C major handmade by professional craftsmen

Diameter: 14 inches (36 cm)

Drum set includes: Musical drum, Rope decoration, Alternate scale sticker, 2 Drumsticks, Travel Bag for drum, Music book

As a sound healer I would like the world vibrates in a beautiful frequencies therefore I decided to introduce You this beautiful instrument. I have been playing the steel tongue drum almost 2 years now at my sound healing sessions. My clients and guests really love the state of peace and relaxation this instrument can bring.

The steel tongue drum can be played at home or outside. I usually wake up with a sunrise and walk to the beach with my drum. I am trying to create the new melodies that soothe my soul, enjoying the first sun rays and my coffee. It is a beautiful morning routine/ritual I have been enjoying lately. I definitely felt in love with this particular drum and can recommend to take this instrument for camping, travelling, day trips to the beach or forest.

Steel tongue drum can be use for a personal meditation, yoga lessons, sound healing sessions, music therapy, performances and just simply fun. Beginners and kids can learn how to play very easily just by creating their own melodies. This instrument is a perfect tool for boosting your creativity. If you get out of the inspiration of creating your own melodies, as you purchase a drum, it comes also with a small music book so you can learn from there or find plenty songs tutorials on YouTube.

What I really like about this drum is that it is in C major scale so anyone can also learn basic music theory and use it as a knowledge for other instruments, for example a piano. The drum can be play with the rubber topped mallets or simply with the hands.

Price of the steel tongue drum 200 AUD

Shipping options within Australia 25 AUD. Delivery for free in the Northern Beaches - Sydney or pick up in Dee Why.

200.00 €