Tune into the unique creative process with a guidance of Sydney based artist Natasha Art by using Meditation, Sound & Art Therapy. 

The healing sounds of Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, drums will assist your journey to your authentic inner self. You will get immersed in the guided meditation, tapping into your intuition and reconnecting with your inner essence. The vibrational sounds will retune your body, mind and spirit, encouraging relaxation, healing and wellness. Illness or low vibrational frequencies are coming from a concept of 'I', therefore we will change the pattern for 'we' to transform the energy into the Wellness and well-being life. 

After a state of tranquility in the sound meditation that act as a massage for the nervous system, the session continues with the creative art process in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Natasha Art will lead you through an art therapy practise before you proceed to create onto the canvas. The beverage and snack will be offered. You will be leaving the studio energized, harmonious, inspired and empowered to continue your unique life journey.

What we provide:

• sound healing experience with a guided meditation, 

• beautiful 12 x 16 inch stretched canvas that can be straight hung on your wall, 

• creating an artwork under the guidance of an artist Natasha Art, 

• learning new skills in the intimate relaxing artistic environment of Natasha Art Studio,

• beverage & nibbles, 

•yoga mat, pillow, blanket, eye pillow. 

The price is 225 AUD. The session lasts 2,5 hours. 

Please to arrange the day and time of the session. 

Looking forward the magic we create together. 

Natasha Art